USB Type-C™ with Power Delivery

The adapter item 62988 - innovative in the area USB Type-C™ with PD function

Who wish to connect a display to his laptop without an HDMI interface, will be glad about this small fine product. The only requirement is a USB Type-C™ interface with DisplayPort Alternate Mode support. The adapter transfers digital image and sound signals with a resolution of up to 4096 x 2160 @ 60 Hz. It can transmit the signal from a Macbook and Chromebook to a 4K television, for example.
The adapter can also be connected to a Thunderbolt™ 3 interface. Because the adapter has a USB Type-C™ Power Delivery port, the laptop can even be charged during use. The small Delock companion in its impact-resistant metal housing and with its slim measurements fits into every laptop bag and is a very good recommendation for the desk at home as well as for on the way.
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