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Delock Slot bracket USB 3.0 pin header 19 pin + SATA 7 pin internal > 1 x USB 3.0-A + 1 x Multiport external

Item No. 82977

This slot bracket by Delock can be installed into a standard PC slot and expands your system by an external USB 3.0-A port and a Multiport. The Multiport interface is a combination of USB 3.0 and eSATAp, which provides different connecting options. Thus the Multiport enables you to connect devices, like e.g. Hubs, Card reader, external enclosure etc. with the following interface:
1. USB 3.0
2. USB 2.0
3. eSATAp (Power Over eSATA 5 V)
4. eSATA
• Connector: internal 1 x 19 pin USB 3.0 pin header female + SATA 7 pin
                       external 1 x USB 3.0-A female
                                      1 x Multiport female
• Cable gauge: 28 AWG
• Current output: max. 900 mA per each USB port
• Voltage: 5 V
• Data transfer rate up to: Super-Speed 5 Gb/s,
                                         High-Speed 480 Mb/s,
                                         Full-Speed 12 Mb/s,
                                         Low-Speed 1.5 Mb/s                                                    
                                         eSATA 3 Gb/s                                                   
• Downwards compatible to USB 2.0 and USB 1.1
• Cable length: ca. 45 cm (without connector)
System requirement
• PC with a free slot
• Mainboard with a free 19 pin USB 3.0 pin header connector and a free
   SATA port
Note: For operation of two devices at the same time, which require more than 900 mA for 
          each device, you may need to connect an additional power supply for the connected
Package content
• Slot bracket
• Delock poly bag

Here you can find information about Multiport
Data sheet (English)
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Data sheet (English)
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Data sheet (German)
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