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Co je …?

Here you can find the knowledge gathered around technologies, connectors and products.

HDMTD connector
Plug connector for High-speed data transfer
Solar energy, photovoltaic systems and Delock DL4
Solar energy, photovoltaic systems and Delock DL4 products
8K / UHD2
The 8K resolution
AOC - Active Optical Cable
Data transfer via light with active optical cables
Barcodes & Barcode scanner
Systematic data collection - fast, easy, accurate
Cable organisation
Organize, sort, mark and protect cables
Charging cables and data blocker - Security for mobile devices on the go
Charging cables + data blockers to protect mobile devices against hack via USB
Clever installation with the Easy 45 System
Clever installation with the Easy 45 System
The interface for video and audio
External USB hubs for system extension
Fast system extension with USB interfaces via hub
FAKRA & HSD plug connections
Connector systems for electrical engineering
Galvanic isolation
Integrated protective circuit
Interface for digital image and sound transmission
Hybrid Function
To extend HDD performance
Internet of Things
Complex technology IoT explained in simple terms
The modular connection system
Keystone Compatibility
Modules and Mountings - Overview
The new technology and suitable antennas
M.2 - Interface for SATA, USB and PCIe
Mobile phone technology
Cellular standards from the beginnings till now
Safety for mobile racks and eletrical contacts
Null modem cables for RS-232 connections
For connections between RS-232 machines
Interface and connection for PCI Express
Optical Fiber
Optical fiber technology for High Speed data transmission
PCIe cards with serial RS-232 interfaces inclusive power supply
PCIe with serial RS-232 interfaces incl. power supply
Flexible with USB connector or in the network
RS-422 / RS-485
The industrial standards RS-422 and RS-485
SATA Pin 8 Power
Built-in power supply for SATA DOM
Compared: The two aerial inputs
The versatile interface for more speed
U.2 / NVME
To speed up the PC performance
Ultra-HD / 4K
The Ultra High Definition resolution
USB Type-C™ + USB 5/10/20 Gbps
Connection standard USB Type-C™ + USB 5/10/20 Gbps
USB4 Specification
In smart relationship with Thunderbolt™ 3
Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5
The new standard of wireless communication