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This accessory set by Delock offers a 5 in 1 all around protection for the Apple AirPods. It includes the protective bag for the charging case, a retaining clip, two earplugs, a retaining strap and a snap hook.

Practical protective bag for Apple AirPods charging case with snap hook
This practical storage case protects the charging case from the weather effects, damage and dirt. Its elasticity provides efficient protection against shocks and scratches. In addition, the protective case has an opening for the charging port on the bottom, so that the headphones can be charged without removing the charging case from the bag. The carabiner, included in the delivery content makes it possible, to attach the protective case e.g. to a belt or backpack.

Retaining clip for Apple Watch strap
The retaining clip can be pushed simply through the watch strap and the headphones can be inserted into the two round openings. Thus they are safely stowed away and cannot get lost e.g. when jogging. Due to the retaining clip, the AirPods are always ready to hand.

Protection plugs for AirPods
The ultra-thin and flexible earplugs protect the Airpods from scratches, dirt and reduce ambient noise. They are also non-slip so that the headphones cannot fall out of the ear during sports.

Retaining strap for AirPods
This holding strap can be simply hung around the neck and ensures a secure hold of the headphones, e.g. during sport. As soon as the AirPods slip out of the ear, they simply fall around the neck and not onto the floor. This prevents damage on the headphones.


  • Bag to protect against scratches or damage
  • Cut-out for charging connection
  • Snap hooks for fastening
  • Retaining clip for Apple Watch strap
  • Earplugs and retaining strap for AirPods
  • Material: plastic / silikon
  • Colour: white
  • Dimensions protective bag (LxWxH): ca. 55 x 50 x 20 mm

Package content

  • Protective bag
  • Snap Hook
  • Retaining clip
  • Retaining strap
  • 2 x earplugs


  • Retail Box

Physical characteristics
• plastic
• 55 mm
• 50 mm
• 20 mm
• white
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