Delock Cable Duct flexible self-adhesive screwable 35 x 30 mm - length 50 cm grey

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This cable duct by Delock can be used to bundle exposed cables, electrical tubes or wires to protect them from dirt or damage and to ensure a clear and orderly cable routing.

Quick mounting
The cable duct is provided with adhesive tape on the bottom and can therefore be easily and simply attached e.g. to the floor or to the wall. Optionally, the cable duct can also be fixed with screws. The cable harnesses and tubes can be inserted and removed and branched over the entire length.

Multifunctional application
The cable duct can be mounted e.g. in control cabinets or vehicles. Due to its high flexibility, it is also possible to install the cable duct at greater angles of inclination.


• Self-adhesive
• Reusable
• Flexible
• Bundle diameter: max. 30 mm
• Material: plastic
• Colour: grey
• Dimensions (LxWxH): ca. 500 x 35 x 30 mm

Package content

• Cable duct


• Poly bag

Here you can find information about Cable organisation

Physical characteristics
• plastic
• 500 mm
• 35 mm
• 30 mm
• grey
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