Delock Braided sleeve for EMC shielding stretchable 2 m x 6 mm

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This braided sleeve by Delock can be used for EMC shielding and bundling of exposed cables or electrical tubes.

Shielding through copper braiding
The braided sleeve consists of a copper protective fabric to protect cables and devices from electromagnetic influences. Therefore, this type of braided sleeve is mainly used in the network, measuring devices or machines.

High flexibility and excellent resistance
The copper braiding has a high flexibility to protect cables from excessive bending. The sleeve also impresses with its stretchability, which allows it to accommodate several cables or wires with different diameters. Due to the strong fabric structure, the cables will be protected from the weather and damage.


  • Length: ca. 2 m
  • Diameter: ca. 6 mm
  • Cable diameter:
    min.: 4 mm
    max.: 9 mm
  • Copper braided
  • EMC shielding
  • Stretchable
  • Environmental temperature: -40 °C ~ 150 °C
  • Material: copper tinned

Package content

  • Braided sleeving


  • Zip poly bag

Technical characteristics
Storage temperature
• -40 °C ~ 150 °C
Physical characteristics
• 6 mm
• 2 m
Cable diameter
• min.: 4 mm
• max.: 9 mm
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