Delock Cable sleeve neoprene flexible with hook-and-loop fastener 1.5 m x 135 mm black / white

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This practical neoprene cable sleeve by Delock can be used for bundling exposed cables to protect them from dirt or damage. It also eliminates cable clutter and leaves cables looking neat and tidy.

Oil-resistant and flexible
Due to the resistant and flexible neoprene material, the cable sleeve protects the cables from dirt against oil and dust. The high flexibility of the cable sleeve allows it to be bent without damaging the cables.

With hook-and-loop fastener
The hook-and-loop-fastener allows the cable sleeve to be opened and closed several times. The cables can be added or removed several times.

Useable on both sides
The cable sleeve has two sides, so that it can be used either in black or in white, so that the sleeve fits into any room.

Creating additional cable entries
With the help of a scissors, the length of the sleeve can be shortened individually, and holes can be cut where cables are to be led out.


• Length: ca. 1.5 m
• Width: ca. 135 mm
• Diameter: ca. 35 mm
• Oil-resistant and dustproof
• Flexible
• Reusable
• Individually shortenable
• Material: neoprene
• Colour: black / white

Package content

• Cable sleeve


• Zip poly bag

Physical characteristics
• 35 mm
• 1.5 m
• 135 mm
• black / white
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