Delock Express Card to 1x parallel

Item No. 66220
66220 Delock Express Card to 1x parallel
66220 Delock Express Card to 1x parallel small 1
66220 small 2
This product is not available anymore.

This adapter complies with the express card / 34 standard. It expands your notebook by one parallel port. You can connect parallel devices like printer, scanner, etc. to the adapter.
• 1x parallel DB25 port 
• Bi-directional parallel port
• SPP, EPP, ECP compatible to IEEE 1284
• FIFO: 32 byte 
• Data transfer rate up to 15 Mbps
• PCI Express Base Specification 1.1
• Express Card / 34 standard, specification 1.0
System requirement
• Windows 2000/XP/XP-64/Server-2003/Vista/Vista-64/Windows 7, Linux 
• Notebook with a free Express Card Slot
Package content
• Express Card
• Parallel cable
• Driver CD
• User manual
• Blister

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