Delock Crimpbox 70 pieces 75 Ohm with BNC, TNC and F connectors

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This high-quality box by Delock contains various high-frequency technology connectors for connecting components.

BNC connectors
BNC connectors are used especially in radio and video applications. The bayonet lock holds the connector firmly in place even under high tensile stress.

TNC connectors
Unlike BNC connectors, TNC connectors are not connected by a bayonet, but are screwed on by means of a thread. The application, however, is the same as for BNC in the radio and video sector.

F connectors
F connectors are mostly commonly found in the satellite television sector. However, they are also used in the cable television sector.


• Content:
  10 x BNC plug for RG-59
  10 x BNC plug for RG-6
  5 x BNC plug for RG-11
  5 x BNC jack for RG-59
  5 x BNC jack for RG-6
  5 x TNC jack for RG-59
  10 x TNC plug for RG-59
  10 x F plug for RG-59
  10 x F plug for RG-6
• Housing material: brass nickel plated
• Impedance: 75 Ohm
• Frequency range: DC - 500 MHz
• Box dimensions (LxWxH): ca. 265 x 180 x 30 mm

System requirements

• Coaxial cable suitable for crimping

Package content

• 70 x crimping connector


• Box

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