Delock SATA All-in-One cable for 2x HDD

Item No. 84356
84356 1

This SATA cable by Delock enables you to run 2 SATA drives, e.g. SATA-HDD. Both Combo-connector combine data- and power cable to 2 SATA connector. Just connect the SATA cable to the mainboard and the power cable to a power supply with 15pin female port.
• SATA II specification
• Data transfer rate: SATA up to 3Gbps
• Cable length: Power: approx. 20cm
                           Data: approx. 50cm
• Connector: - 1x Power SATA 15pin
                       - 2x SATA data
                       - 2x Combo connector

• Delock poly bag

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