Delock Crimp tool with stripper and network tester for 8P (RJ45), 6P (RJ12/11), 6P DEC or 4P (RJ10) plugs

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With this tool by Delock a network cable can be installed quickly and easily to a connector. The rubberized handles provide a firm grip during the crimping process.

All in one
The multifunctional plier is suitable for crimping, stripping and cutting 8P (RJ45), 6P (RJ12/11) or 4P (RJ10) plugs and cables.
Three integrated blades ensure trouble-free stripping of the cables and cutting of the strands.

Modular connector RJ12 6/6 (6P6C)
This plier is also suitable for crimping modular male connectors with offset latch DEC.

Integrated cable tester
Thanks to the integrated cable tester, the correct wiring can be tested directly after the crimping process. All three types of plugs fit into the female sockets.

LED test run
Each connector type has its own pin arrangement. The white number arrangement (1 - 8 +G) is used to test the RJ45 pin assignment. The yellow number row (1 - 6) stands for RJ11 and the green (1 - 4) for the RJ10 plug.
During the test, the red LEDs run through the respective pinout. For example, if the RJ10 plug is tested, the red LED starts with green 1.


The plier has a locking mechanism to prevent unintentional closing or opening. Five clearly audible locking points signal this mechanism. After the fifth, the pliers open again when the handles are pressed together.
With the help of the screw attached to the handle, opening can be done at any time.

Network tester
The battery compartment is built into the handles of the pliers. 3 x LR44 batteries are needed, which are not included in the package content.


  • Metal pliers with plastic handles and lock
  • Built-in cutter and stripper
  • Connectors suitable for crimping: e.g. RJ45, RJ12, RJ11, RJ10
  • Colour: grey / black
  • Weight: ca. 358 g
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): ca. 19.0 x 6.9 x 2.2 cm

System requirements

  • Battery: 3 x LR44
  • Connectors suitable for crimping

Package content

  • Crimping tool
  • 1 x replacement blade set


  • Blister

Physical characteristics
• 358 g
• 19 cm
• 6.9 cm
• 2.2 cm
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