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Delock Express Card > 2 x FireWire A

Item No. 61387
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This adapter complies with the Express Card 34 mm standard. It expands your laptop by two additional FireWire A ports to connect FireWire devices such as external enclosure, adapter etc.


• Connector:
  Express Card 34 mm >
  2 x FireWire 1394A 6 pin female
  1 x 12 V DC jack
• Chipset: Texas Instruments
• Data transfer rate up to 400 Mb/s
• Supports OHCI specifications V1.1
• Hot Swap

Specification of power connector

• 12 V, ground outside, plus inside
• Dimensions:
  inside: ø ca. 1.3 mm
  outside: ø ca. 3.5 mm
  length: ca. 9 mm

System requirements

• Windows Server-2003/Vista/7/7-64/8/8-64/8.1/8.1-64, Mac OS 10.5
• Laptop with a free Express Card slot

Package content

• Express Card FireWire
• FireWire cable 6 pin / 4 pin
• User manual


• Retail Box

The serial number from the software is not contained. Where can I get it? The serial number is on the CD covering.
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