Delock Connector SATA with NSS function and plastic clip

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This connector by Delock is suitable for SATA hard drives or SSDs. It can be integrated into a system, for example for using with mobile racks. The patented NSS (= Non Scratch SATA) technology has an integrated spring mechanism on one of the 22 pin sides, which ensures the ejection of the hard drive. Thus the hard drive must be secured in a frame, otherwise the connector would eject the hard drive promptly. Because of the NSS technology the connector is protected with every insert procedure, as it avoids the scratching of the contacts.
Furthermore the connector has a plastic clip which ensures that the SATA cable reliably clicks into place. Thus the cables are secured on the connector and do not come off during a vibration.

Special features

• Spring mechanism (NSS)


• Connector:
  1 x 22 pin SATA receptacle (NSS connector) >
  1 x 22 pin SATA plug with plastic clip
• Protects the SSD or HDD up to 50,000 plug cycles
• Screw type: M3
• Dimensions (LxWxH): ca. 48.65 x 26.65 x 5.13 mm
• Colour: black

Package content

• Connector


• Retail Box

Here you can find information about NSS

Connector 1
• 1 x 22 pin SATA receptacle (NSS connector)
Connector 2
• 1 x 22 pin SATA plug with plastic clip
Physical characteristics
Screw type
• M3
• 48.65 mm
• 26,65 mm
• 5.13 mm
• black
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