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Delock Cable eSATAp > SATA 22pin retractable

Item No. 84432

This Power Over eSATA cable enables you to connect your 2½” SATA HDD with SATA 22pin interface to a free Power Over eSATA (eSATAp) port. The Power Over eSATA port combines eSATA and USB and enables the power supply via the integrated USB interface. Furthermore the retract function by just one touch on the button enables you to coil the cable easily and to store it in any notebook bag.
Suitable for item: 47178 /47197
• For 2½” SATA HDD (5V)
• Connection: Power Over eSATA (eSATAp) > SATA 22pin
• Retractable flat cable with push button
• Voltage: 5V
• Cable length: ca.1,20m
System requirement
• Notebook or PC with a free Power Over eSATA port
Package content
• Cable
• Delock Poly bag

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