Delock Universal IOT Grove Cable 4 x pin male to 4 x pin male 10 cm

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The universal IOT Grove cable by Delock is suitable for connecting Arduino boards with sensors, displays, radio modules, etc. With the Grove cable, the connections to I2C buses, digital and analog inputs / outputs or UART interfaces as well as the required power supply between the devices are established.


• Connectors:
  1 x 4 pin Grove male with latchtype >
  1 x 4 pin Grove male with latchtype
• Pitch: 2.00 mm
• Cable gauge: 24 AWG
• Cable length incl. connectors: ca. 10 cm
• Colour: black, red, white, yellow

System requirements

• Two free Grove female ports

Package content

• 1 x universal IOT Grove cable


• Zip poly bag

Connector 1
• 1 x Seeed Grove universal plug with latchtype
Connector 2
• 1 x Seeed Grove universal plug with latchtype
Physical characteristics
Pitch distance
• 2.00 mm
Cable colour
• black
• white
• yellow
• red
Cable length incl. connector
• 10 cm
Conductor material
• Copper tinned
Conductor gauge
• 24 AWG
Cable jacket material
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