Delock Conversion IOT Grove Cable 4 x pin male to 4 x Jumper female 10 cm

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The conversion IOT Grove cable by Delock is suitable for connecting Arduino boards and various single-board computers with sensors, displays, radio modules, etc. With the Grove cable, the connections to I2C buses, digital and analog inputs / outputs or UART interfaces as well as the required power supply between the devices are flexibly established.


• Connectors:
  1 x 4 pin Grove male with latchtype
  4 x 1 pin Jumper (Dupont) female
• Pitch:
  Grove: 2.00 mm
  Jumper: 2.54 mm
• Cable gauge: 24 AWG
• Cable length incl. connectors: ca. 10 cm
• Colour: black, red, white, yellow

System requirements

• A free Grove female port

Package content

• 1 x conversion IOT Grove cable


• Zip poly bag

Connector 1
• 1 x Seeed Grove universal plug with latchtype
Connector 2
• 1 x 4 pin pin header female separate
Physical characteristics
Pitch distance
• 2.00 mm
• 2.54 mm
Cable colour
• black
• white
• yellow
• red
Cable length incl. connector
• 10 cm
Conductor material
• Copper tinned
Conductor gauge
• 24 AWG
Cable jacket material
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