Delock Hook-and-loop cable tie with loop and label tap L 127 x W 20 mm black 5 pieces

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These hook-and-loop cable ties by Delock are ideal for space saving bundling of e.g. individual cables, wires, hoses or conduits.

Reusable due to hook-and-loop fastener
By using the strap, the cable tie can be securely fixed to a cable, so that the cable tie won’t get lost. The hook-and-loop fastener allows the cable tie to be quickly attached and easily removed again. The attached clamp at the strap ensures strength, stability and secure bundling.

Identification option
The hook-and-loop fasteners can be individually labeled, to distinguish the cable bundles from each other.

Perfectly organized and versatile
The hook-and-loop cable ties are compatible with all types of cables e.g. network cables, USB cables, HDMI cables, charging cables, power cables etc. Whether in the office, at home or at work, the cables always remain neatly sorted and leave a tidy overall impression. The hook-and-loop cable ties are the perfect solution for keeping things tidy and preventing cable tangles.


  • Length: ca. 127 mm
  • Width: ca. 20 mm
  • Loop for fixation to the cable
  • Hook-and-loop fastener for multiple reuse
  • With labelling field 50 x 13 mm
  • Environmental temperature: -20 °C ~ 100 °C
  • Material: nylon
  • Colour: black

Package content

  • 5 x hook-and-loop cable tie


  • Zip poly bag

Technical characteristics
Storage temperature
• -20 °C ~ 100 °C
Physical characteristics
• Nylon
• 127 mm
• 20 mm
• black
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