Delock Fabric heat shrink tube 2 m x 20 mm shrinkage ratio 2:1 black

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This special fabric heat shrink tube by Delock can be used for cable bundling and offers very high abrasion, scuff, and insulation protection under heat influence. The excellent fabric structure provides the tube with outstanding flexibility and durability.

Excellent shrinkage behaviour
The heat shrink tube can be heated with a hot air gun and the hose shrinks to half its original diameter when heated.

Multifunctional application
Fabric heat shrink tubes can be used, for e.g. in engine compartments, for cooling water lines or hydraulic lines.


• Length: ca. 2 m
• Diameter: ca. 20 mm
• Shrinkage ratio 2:1
• Shrinking temperature: 110 °C ~ 185 °C
• Colour: black
• Material: polyolefin and polyester

Package content

• Fabric heat shrink tube


• Zip poly bag

Technical characteristics
Shrinking temperature
• 110 °C ~ 185 °C
Shrinkage ratio
• 2:1
Physical characteristics
• polyester
• polyolefin
• 20 mm
• black
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