Delock USB Pinheader male to 2 x USB 2.0 female - up

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This USB Pinheader-male adapter can be plugged via cable to a free USB Pinheader port of a mainboard in order to expand the system internally by 2 USB ports. Thus e.g. an USB memory stick or USB-WLAN stick can be connected. Both female ports lead upwards, based on Pin 1 Pinheader on the mainboard.


• For 2 x USB 2.0-A female directly on the mainboard
• A 2 x 5 2.54mm Pinheader male
• For Pinheader with USB-Power on Pin 1+2
• USB Port direction: up

System requirements

• Mainboard with a free USB Pinheader port

Package content

• USB pin header adapter


• Zip poly bag

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