Delock Adapter 3.5 mm 4 pin Stereo jack male > 3.5 mm 4 pin Stereo jack female (changes pin assignment)

Item No. 65590
65590 1
65590 2


This adapter by Delock enables you to use a headset with stereo jack male pin assignment with L-R-MIC-GND standard with devices e.g. by Apple, Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Samsung with the stereo jack female pin assignment L-R-GND-MIC.


  • Connector:
    Stereo jack male 3.5 mm 4 pin with CTIA standard
    (Audio left – Audio right – GND – AUX) >
    Stereo jack female 3.5 mm 4 pin with OMTP standard
    (Audio left – Audio right – AUX – GND)
  • Gold-plated connector
  • Colour: white
  • Length: ca. 5.3 cm (incl. connector)

System requirements

  • A free stereo jack female port with CTIA standard

Package content

  • Adapter


  • Zip poly bag

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