Delock Express Card to 1 x Serial

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66217 Delock Express Card to 1 x Serial
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This adapter complies with the express card 34 mm standard. It expands your notebook by one serial Port. You can connect serial devices like printer, scanner, keyboard, mouse etc. to the adapter.

Technical details

  • Chipset: Oxford
  • 1 x RS-232, DB9 serial port
  • Compatible with 16C950 UART
  • FIFO: 128 byte
  • Baud Rate up to 460 Kb/s
  • PCI Express base specification 1.1
  • Express Card 34 mm standard, specification 1.0
  • Hot Swap, Plug & Play

System requirements

  • Windows 2000/XP/XP-64/Server-2003/Vista/Vista-64
  • Notebook with a free Express Card slot

Package content

  • Express Card 1 x serial
  • Driver CD
  • User manual


  • Blister

How to install the driver ! Installation Manual for Windows 7.

Please download the driver under the following link:

It's necessary to install the driver via the hardware search function in the Device Manager.
To do this, you must click on the Button "to search on the PC".
At next, click on the button "select from a list" and then on "search".

Now you can select the driver which you can find under the following path: ->Native_Uartv1.0x86.
Warning: this path is for a 32 bit Version of the OS.
For the 64 bit OS please select the path "amd64".

After this the driver for a seriel port will be installed.
In the device Manager you can see these with the entry "16C95xSerial Port".

To finish the installation please navigate to the button "refresh driver software".
You see now a windows with the Devices.
You must select the option (COM & LPT) and click "next".
In the next step click on the Button "volume" and select to the file "OxPCIeSer.. ".

This should be all for working fine.
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