Delock Audio Cable 8 pin Lightning™ male to Stereo jack male 3.5 mm 3 pin 0.5 m

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This audio cable by Delock can be used to connect an iPhone or iPad, which provides only the 8 pin Lightning™ interface, to different audio devices with a stereo jack socket. It is suitable for connecting a mobile device to e.g. external speakers, car radio or headset.

Quality and performance
The cable is very sturdy and durable due to its robust textile shielding, strong strain relief and metal housing at all cable ends.

MFi Certified
The MFi certification and the original Apple C101 connector guarantee full compatibility to all devices with Lightning™ connector.


  • Connectors:
    1 x 8 pin Apple Lightning™ male >
    1 x 3.5 mm 3 pin stereo jack male
  • Chipset: C101
  • Cable gauge: 30 AWG
  • Cable with textile shielding
  • Connector with metal housing
  • Colour: black / red
  • Length incl. connectors: ca. 0.5 m

System requirements

  • Device with a free Lightning™ port
  • Audio devices with a free 3.5 mm 3 pin stereo jack female

Package content

  • Audio cable


  • Retail Box

Cable finishing
• textile coating
Connector 1
• 1 x Apple Lightning™ 8 pin male
Connector 2
• 1 x 3.5 mm 3 pin stereo jack male
Physical characteristics
Pin finishing
• gold-plated
Conductor gauge
• 30 AWG
• 0,50 m
• black / red
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