Small but strong: Delock offers species diversity in camera modules

All Delock camera modules provide the standard interface USB 2.0. With a length of 60 mm and a width of 8 mm they have a very compact design, while the height is varying depending on their lens. The weight is only maximal 8 gramm. They don't need additional power supply.

Delock stands out for the species diversity in the product area of camera modules. Beside diverse resolutions (1.9 / 3.14 / 5.04 Megapixel), varying viewing angles (48° / 52° / 55° / 80° and even individually designed, available on request) are worth mentioning; not to forget the usability for day or night (IR filter yes / no), auto focus / fix focus and the different designs, where the objective lens is centrally placed or at the edge. To our overview

Three examples of species diversity in the area of camera modules

1 Item 96381

USB 2.0 Camera Module 5.04 Megapixel
62 edge Auto Focus

Details Item 96381

2 Item 96368

USB 2.0 Camera Module 5.04 Megapixel
80° Fix Focus

Details Item 96368

3 Item 95999

USB 2.0 Camera Module 3.14 Megapixel
62° Auto Focus

Details Item 95999

Some examples are IPCs, embedded systems, sensors, notebook and tablet computers, smartphones or in the area of device construction. The use of a photosensitive sensor with back side illumination (BSI) expands the application area of every module.
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