Delock Crimpbox 120 pieces 50 Ohm with SMA, SMB and RP-SMA connectors

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This high-quality box by Delock contains various high-frequency technology connectors for connecting components.

SMA connectors
SMA connectors are often used in the fields of telecommunications, data communication by means of antenna technology, but also in automation.
Thanks to the screw locking, they are mechanically very robust despite their small size.

RP-SMA connectors
RP-SMA, or reverse SMA, has a hollow tube and no metal pin, in contrast to the SMA connector.
The RP-SMA connector is often used for antenna connections on WLAN devices.

SMB connectors
The SMB connector is smaller than the SMA but is used for the same applications as the larger SMA connector.


• Content:
  10 x SMA plug for LMR100
  10 x SMA plug for LMR200
  10 x SMA plug for LMR400
  10 x SMA jack for LMR100
  10 x SMA jack for LMR200
  10 x SMA jack for RG-174
  10 x SMB plug for LMR100
  10 x SMB jack for LMR100
  10 x RP-SMA plug for RG-174
  10 x RP-SMA plug for LMR200
  10 x RP-SMA jack for RG-174
  10 x RP-SMA jack for LMR200
• Housing material: brass gold plated
• Impedance: 50 Ohm
• Frequency range: DC - 8 GHz
• Box dimensions (LxWxH): ca. 265 x 180 x 30 mm

System requirements

• Coaxial cable suitable for crimping

Package content

• 120 x crimping connector


• Box

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