For the best sound quality

Delock offers audio accessories, which can be used with a variety of interfaces and many different applications, including a wide range of different cables. These can be connected to a headphone jack on the smartphone, tablet PC, MP3 player or PC. For optimal sound quality, these instrument cables are made of oxygen-free cupper (OFC).

In addition to audio converters, which convert an analog stereo signal (RCA stereo) into a digital (optical or coaxial) signal, or a digital signal into an analog one, the various Delock audio adapters offer further application areas. By using a USB sound box, it is possible, for example, to upgrade a computer with a sound card.

Using the aptX® Bluetooth music receiver you can also play back music from a smartphone through the stereo system, the active speakers or the PC. Lastly, many Delock audio items can be used in connection with smartphones and tablet PCs, e.g. in order to connect and use a headset.

For example, if an older headset model isn’t compatible due to the L-R-AUX-GND pin allocation of the headphone jack, the Delock adapter no. 65590 can be used to change the pin allocation from the old standard to the new one (L-R-GND-AUX), thus ensuring the trouble-free functioning of the device.

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