Interface for SATA, PCIe and USB

M.2 is a specification for internal expansion cards of PC motherboards. Intel presented M.2 as a successor to the mSATA interface, initially with the name Next Generation Form Factor (NGFF).

The M.2 modules are characterized by a compact design and flexible dimensions. M.2 is ideal for the connection of SSDs in compact mobile devices such as laptops and ultrabooks, tablets or mini-PCs.

The M.2 interface can not only transmit SATA signals, but also USB and PCIe. This makes advanced features such as cards with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and NFC possible.

M.2 SSDs, connected via PCIe, have a significant speed advantage when reading and writing data.

The Delock M.2 product range is diverse and up-to-date. In addition to adapters for SATA, mSATA or M.2 adapters for flash memory that can be connected via SATA, we also have e.g. adapters with RAID.

Recently available are PCIe cards that support M.2 SSDs with 4 lanes and NVMe and allow for a significantly increased data transfer rate. With an external housing, it is also possible to connect an M.2 SSD via USB to the PC.

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