Creating smart connections

The term "network" is nowadays omnipresent and refers to the creation of different kinds of connections. A thing, a person, a machine and a device are no longer in their meaning and functionality alone for themselves but are part of a unit.

"Smart Home" stands for safety, energy efficiency and comfort based on connected and remote-controlled devices and automated processes. M2M (machine to machine) technology connects industrial devices. In the office or at home, intelligent network solutions are required everywhere.

Delock offers a wide range of products like network adapters, passive components, Power over Ethernet, fiber optic, tools and test equipment.

Delock stands out due to innovative, clever and mutually complementary products. For example Delock has, matching to fiber cable, a PCIe card with SFP slot or, very practical, slim network cable that fits easily even with 3 meters length in a laptop bag.

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