Optimal transmitting and receiving

Antennas represent a subarea of RF Technology, besides antenna cables, adapters and further accessories. In everyday life you get in touch with wireless applications that cover a wide frequency range. For quite a number of application areas Delock has developed product solutions optimally adapted to each other.

So there is a large spectrum of various types of antennas with different specifications. To make it easier choosing the suitable antenna, the product title at Delock contains the items main features.

The product names list frequency name, connector, peak gain, radiation behaviour and mounting options. Additionally, they describe frequency ranges, LTE bands, WLAN standards, areas of use, cable length, cable diameter and color.

Delock offers antennas for following frequencies: LTE, GSM, UMTS, WLAN (also in MIMO version), ZigBee, DAB+, GNSS, ISM, Bluetooth. They provide transmitting and receiving of radio signals for SAT / TV, radio, navigation and in GSM / UMTS / LTE / WLAN communication as well as other areas.

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