USB Type-C™

The new connector

Together with the advance to the current USB 3.1 standard (SuperSpeed USB 10 Gbps), the USB Type-C™ connector type was developed and introduced, offering several advantages. Thus, the USB Type-C™ connector can be inserted into the jack in both directions and, with a connector size of only 8.4 mm x 2.6 mm, it is just as slim as the Micro USB connector so that it can also be used on very flat smartphones or tablets.

Although the USB Type-C™ is not compatible with other USB connectors from a mechanical point of view, a connection is possible through adapters or cables, so that you can continue to use existing devices.

In addition, the new USB Type-C™ standard can work with a speed of up to 10 Gbit per second in the second USB 3.1 generation, or 5 Gbit per second in the first USB 3.1 generation (previously USB 3.0), thus enabling a higher data transfer rate.

MacBook and Chromebook additionally support a special function: In addition to the data transfer, the DP Alt Mode enables you to use a monitor, which can be connected by means of an adapter and the corresponding jack.

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