Mobile Racks

Fast and flexible access to hard disk drives

Mobile racks enable the connection of different hard disks to the PC in an easy way. So you can use HDDs and SSDs on several PCs; a fast backup of important data is easy to do; if you are absent you may store your disk drive at a safe place and reactivate it within seconds when required.

In the area of server systems mobile racks are used to convert hard disk drives to removable disk drives. There are some advantages of mobile racks, such as fast exchange of HDDs / SSDs. By selecting these specifically you can reach high data transfer rates as well as large storage capacities.

At Delock you can find various types of mobile racks primarily for 2.5″ and 3.5″ hard disks for installation into a 3.5″ or 5.25″ bay of the PC. Also we offer mobile racks to use the HDD externally via USB or eSATAp; racks for 4 x 2.5″ or 6 x 2.5″ HDDs and also a mix: a mobile rack for 1 x 2.5″ and 1 x 3.5″ HDDs.

Many of our mobile racks are equipped with the NSS technology, when the hard disk is often mechanically exchanged, it prevents the connectors from abrasion or wear. In this way the hard disk is protected.

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